What do I do in break time!!

Usually when my school is kind enough to give us break; I automatically tell my parents about it. If they are in a good mood they will accept  and let me travel, and that is when I start planning .  I usually go to Maryland because many of my family members live there.  So I past the planning, I hop on a plane then I get to Maryland and I finally get to see my cousins … We usually hang out at each other’s house. Where we play video games most of the time. If we are not at each other’s house we go to theme parks and restaurants and many other stuff. I also rest a lot so I can get my energy refilled for the whole day. Sometimes my parents think that the breaks are too short, so I usually stay at my house and rest, and sometimes  I invite my friends  over and we play video games together.  I really enjoy holiday; everybody does… So next time you have a holiday hop on a plane and visit the one you adore.

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