It was a cold winter day in Columbus Ohio, Roman, Noah,  and Kane. Roman is 32, Noah is 12, and Kane is 4. It was a crazy day for the Atwoods. Roman the father takes his Truck “TUNDRA” and lifts Kane with his two skinny arms and puts him in the car seat. Noah gets installed next to Kane, and takes his phone out. The car revives and an adventure was yet going to be discovered. The Tundra with it’s 310 horse power, is going more than 60 mph; and after two long hours the Atwoods finally get to their destination. With his left hand Roman grabs his vloging camera a canon G7x . He starts talking to the camera, like he was talking to an audience. After a minute of video taping, he puts his G7x back in his pocket and grabs Kane by the arms and presses him on his chest like he was hugging his dog Zeus earlier that morning. Noah got out of the car and started walking against the wind, he was followed by Roman and Kane. Roman with his “North Face” jacket, pulls out a little blanket and puts it over Kane as a protection against the wind. The breeze was hitting Noah hard, but he continued being brave to show his father that he was a real man. The family climbed a steep hill and finally got to the other side of hill; the grass was wet and from their position they could see a beautiful lake that was brown jus like their Dog Zeus. The grass was so slippery that Roman almost felt but luckily hold on to a huge rock that was hitched on the muddy grass.

23 thoughts on “Ohio”

  1. I really liked your blog because, my sister and I watch his blogs almost everyday and we got to meet him when we were in ohio.

    1. Thank you, Really!!! I bet it was nice meeting him… You like his vlogs? Do you think that Roman’s grandma should go skydiving?

  2. I like how you made it like a book, but you messed up on the first sentence, you should’ve put the word ‘and’ between Noah and Kane, but in all you did a very good job

  3. nice story! I like the use of descriptive details that tell me what was exactly happening at that moment in time. it reminds me of one of those long winter road trips that me and my dad used to go on.

  4. Love your story! I like how your details showed exactly what was happening, not leaving out a single thing. What gave you the idea to write this?

  5. Whoa this is a very descriptive scenario of Ohio! I love how the dog is named Zeus, I’ve known a ton of dogs named Zeus too. Have you ever been to Ohio? I love Ohio, I go there once every year.

    1. Thank you, big dogs should always be named (I think), sadly I’ve never been to Ohio before you are very lucky to go their each year. Do you go their with your family?

    1. Hi, thank you, I recently watched a vlog that Roman Atwood made and I really like it… So that is where I got my characters from, but the story itself I have no idea. Do you watch Roman’s vlog?

  6. I love your story! it has so much description that it made the story suspenseful and made me want to read more about whats going on in the story. Thank you, Samantha

  7. Wow! Your story is very discriptive I like the way you described the brand of Romans jacket. Did you know six of the US presidents were born in Ohio? Where’s their mom in the story?

    1. Thank you very much, Really I didn’t know that 6 presidents in Ohio that is pretty impressive. I was thinking that Britney (the mom) is at home taking care of the dog.

  8. HI, Ibrahima, I loved your story! I love how you chose to make it longer than most, I like to make longer stories too!

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